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Next exhibition:

RA Summer Exhibition, 10 June – 12 August 2019

Textural Art Panels


Venice1 wool, silk, cotton, polyester 2019


Dots 42cm x 50cm wool, silk, cotton, polyester 2019
Selected for the RA Summer Exhibition 2019

Glow Screen

Gill Hewitt image_1
Glow Screen 4 double-sided panels each 45cm x 165cm, mixed media, 2018.  Photo credit: Article Studio
Gill Hewitt image_2
Glow Screen 2018   photo credit: Article Studio


kingfisher side and detail website
Kingfisher edge and detail  2017

Kingfisher 2

kingfisher 2 large
Kingfisher 2.  A larger version with some hand embroidered detailing.  700mm x 700mm.  2017.   Selected for Art Number 23’s ‘Types of Abstract’ Exhibition, 17/7 – 14/8/18. The Old Biscuit Factory, 100 Clements Rd, London SE16
Kingfisher 2

Gold Stripes

stripes framed
Gold Stripes.  Non woven textile art panel.  Framed 450mm x 450mm. 2017  Displayed at Rubelli, Chelsea Harbour, London.
Gold Stripes displayed at Rubelli, Chelsea Harbour, London.

Gold Stripes 2

gold stripes 2
Gold Stripes 2.  A larger version of Gold Stripes above.  Framed 700mm x 700mm. 2017

Large Stripes

Large Stripes.  Non woven textile art panel.  Framed.  650mm x 730mm. 2017
large stripes rubelli and edge
Large Stripes. Non woven textile wall panel on display at:  Rubelli, Chelsea Harbour, London.  Side view


st ives front side 72
Inspired by the colours and natural landscape of St Ives, Cornwall. Size: 450mm x 450mm. Non-Woven. 2017.

Seascape 2

Seascape 2 Inspired by the natural beauty of Cornwall  size 29cm x 35cm 2018

Seascape St Ives 3

seascape st ives 2 72dpi
Seascape St Ives 3 size 29cm x 35cm 2018
seascape stives 2 2 72dpi
Seascape St Ives 3 front and side view

At Night

At Night
At Night. Inspired by the patterns made by city lights at night. Non-woven. Mixed fibres of wool and man-made. Size 450mm x 450mm. Framed. 2017

Bottled Light

Bottled Light 840mm x 840mm 2018

Faces in a Crowd: A Series of Textile Wall Panels

selfie framed
Faces in a Crowd 1.  Self Portrait.  Non woven textile art panel.  Framed.  45cm x 45cm.  2017 Shortlisted for the RA Summer Exhibition 2019


Inspired by intricate jali screens seen in Jaipur. Commissioned by SRA Architects for their Bath studio. Studies of textures and light/shadow were digitally printed and needlepunched. Mixed fibres of wool, cotton and man-made. 2.1m x 1.2m.


Acoustic Art Panels

Designed to absorb sound but look beautiful.  We have so many hard surfaces in our interiors the sound bounces around uncomfortably.  These acoustic art panels have been tested in sound laboratories and are proven to absorb sound efficiently. Test results are available on request.

Commissioned by:

Hereford College of Art Hub / Bath College of Art & Design – Corsham Court Auditorium / Films @ 59, Bristol – Project Managers Offices / The Edge, Covent Garden – Award winning film producers  – Boardroom and Meeting Room / Gondola Restaurants – Aberdeen and London.

Hereford College of Art Acoustic Art Panels

HCA panels106-088
4 double-sided acoustic art panels each 1.2m x 2.4m

 Kilve Strata

Inspiration for the panels at Hereford College of Art came from a visit to the wonderful rock formations at Kilve, Somerset.


Strata Acoustic Art Panels
Detail of Strata Acoustic Art Panel
The Edge Covent Garden
Strata in the boardroom at The Edge, Covent Garden

Strata 2

Non woven, mixed fibres, three panels (each 600mm x 300mm) set on aluminium.
Detail Strata 2