Gill Hewitt studied Textiles at Bath School of Art and Design, gaining a distinction in MA Design (Textiles) in 2008.

Gill specialises in the innovative development of non woven needle-punched textiles, the finished artwork being similar to a tapestry but non woven.

Textiles are produced through a process of layering with focus on the changing qualities of light. She dyes many of her own fabrics and uses them in a painterly way, building texture, colour and light into her work, creating an interplay between layers. There is no waste in the making process – even the smallest cut-offs are saved for use on more intricate pieces such as Portraits. Textiles can also  be reworked and repunched.

Inspiration is often taken from within the structure and rhythms of nature and architecture. She is particularly interested in natural geometries, pattern and the way that light and shadow exist in the moment, aiming to capture the delight and energy of that transient moment.


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